Roqaya’s Rocks Kuwait

“She has the most magnificent jewelry sets I have seen in a long time” Receiving feedback like this brightens my days and keeps me going stronger and working harder to achieve my goals.

My love for design began at an early age. As a child one of my favorite pastimes was taking rags and pieces of cloth to wrap around my Barbie dolls to create an outfit; then I would try to interpret that design into my sketchbook. The drawings would barely resemble the outfits, yet it was joyous!

Even today I wouldn’t mind playing with Barbie’s and rags as long as I get to design. I feel that the passion for creating beautiful items runs through my blood, and the anticipation to see the outcome of my creation is still just as exciting!

My passion for design did not stop at any stage of my life, as I chose to study Interior Design after graduating from high school. Yet, this wasn’t the path my life took. The story behind Roqaya’s Rocks happened a little later in my life. One day I was at an Expo with my best friend, while in our booth surrounded by readymade clothes and accessories when she wondered: “Why don’t you design your own accessories? You love designing!” I did and to my surprise, the eight pieces I created for our next Expo were sold out on the first day!

I’ve been designing since that day! In the summer of 2013 Roqaya’s Rocks was born.

The beauty of rocks and earth’s elements ignite my imagination and challenge me to turn these gems into accessories that enhance human beauty. I find great joy in visualizing my new pieces, creating them from scratch, and following the idea until it’s in its complete form. I find my inspiration from my travels and art that I see all over the world and especially from the beach.