Jewellery designer Roqaya Al Ahmad has launched her first international collection, inspired by the colours and movement of the oceans, under brand name Roqaya’s Rocks.

Crafted using unique gems, crystals and pearls, each piece has been influenced by Roqaya’s travels, aesthetic sense and a passion for design which stems from her childhood. Roqaya, who is from Kuwait, majored in English Language before going on to study Interior Design and then Business Management and Economics.

After more than 15 years in the corporate world, between the oil and banking sectors in Kuwait City, she finally decided the time was right to follow her dreams by focusing on her true calling as a jewellery designer.

Now one of the most exciting new jewellery designers to enter the international jewellery market, she has been creating stunning pieces for five years, after gaining a host of celebrity fans in Kuwait, but this is the first collection she has launched outside of her home country.

She credits her extensive travels in childhood and as an adult as the inspiration behind her most ambitious collection to date.

Roqaya says: “Inspiration struck when I was looking out at sea in Santorini, Greece. The extremely calm water with small rock islands and the soft drizzle of rain immediately transformed in my imagination into a necklace and matching earrings using pyrite stones and mini cultured pearls. Called Raindrops on the Rocks, that set is now part of my new collection.

“Thailand has also been a huge influence; the magical underwater of Phuket’s gulf, the coloured corals, dancing reef and amazingly diversified little fish. Also, looking out at the clouds from my airplane seat as I travel. Some people see just the clouds, or cotton wool. I see earrings, or a choker!”

Roqaya, the only girl among four older brothers, has been designing as long as she can remember.

She adds: “My very first attempts were when I was little when I would create clothes for my dolls from fabric. That led to sketching fashion designs and later on into creating unique pieces of jewellery using nature’s magical stones and rocks in all shapes and colours.”